“In order to experience fearlessness, it is necessary to experience fear.”

Chogyam Trungpa

You are a sensitive soul in an insensitive, judgmental, and fast-moving world. No wonder you, and so many like you, suffer from anxiety, both personal and existential, in these crazy times!

Most likely you are an introvert and find your strength and sustenance in times of solitude. But loneliness and anxiety can get in the way, and make you feel that you are a misfit, or worse yet, uncomfortable in your own skin. You are not alone.

Self-awareness can come from self-consciousness, and anxiety is a great teacher on the journey toward wisdom. Anxiety, like any tool in your toolbox, can be used to build all kinds of things, but first, you must understand it, and then learn to use it to your advantage. I know, I’ve been there myself!

For almost 20 years, through my late teens and into my 30’s, I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks that limited my ability to live fully in countless ways. Anxiety robbed me of time and energy, but mainly it robbed me of joy. While working as a counselor straight out of graduate school, I began to research techniques to help others, and in doing so, I taught myself too. That was just the beginning, and since then I have learned many more techniques to befriend the pesky monsters of anxiety.

I created this blog to share unconventional information and ideas about turning anxiety into a wisdom journey. Sensitivity does not mean you are soft, and anxiety is a “thinking person’s” dilemma, so if you’re willing to practice with a bit of humor, grace, and imagination, you can transform what ails you into what motivates you.

I want to help remind you that:

  1. You are not fragile.
  2. Your sensitivity and empathy call you to a higher path.
  3. Your anxiety is a super-power in disguise.

I’d love to be a part of your journey… our collective journey as a people created to be “awake” and fully alive, despite all the ways our minds try to hold us back.

If you’re up for the journey, and even if you’re just contemplating it, sign up below and I’ll send you bi-weekly wisdom to your inbox.

It’s a courageous step to move forward. Join me! Let’s go!